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Live Music FAQs

Live Music FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live Music FAQs answer the most common questions clients of Cracked Ice have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please reach out and we’ll get you an answer. Simply email, call, or text us at (203) 247-6158. For instant satisfaction, you can reserve time directly on Cracked Ice Founder Crispin Cioe’s calendar.

Questions Cracked Ice Clients Often Ask

Can you play any type of music?

Yes, better than anybody. We are studio/touring musicians who’ve mastered a huge stylistic vocabulary and have the ability to move smoothly between genres at the drop of a hat – all the while maintaining the energy and feeling of spontaneous combustion that are the foundation of a great performance. We begin the process by forwarding song lists to our clients to start the brainstorming process, ultimately partnering with them to develop a set list/template for the event. Sometimes we leave the set list during the course of the party, but since we’re all on the same page, the band’s ability to shift gears instantly becomes part of the excitement the audience and dancers feel.

What styles of music do you provide for weddings?

Typically, we underscore the cocktail period with jazz (both smooth and mainstream) and Great American Songbook selections provided by solo piano or a trio (piano/guitar/sax). During the first hour of the reception, we often start with lighter music standards such as those by Cole Porter, Billy Holiday and Frank Sinatra, along with modern masters like Van Morrison, Diana Krall, and Michael Buble. On our Cracked Ice Audio page, you can listen to samples of the music we perform live. On our Cracked Ice Video page, you can witness the joy our clients experience when we perform. We always tailor our performances to the musical preferences of our clients. As the reception progresses, the music evolves into a variety of dance styles: Motown, r&b, classic and alternative rock, swing, Latin, ethnic – again, all according to the clients’ preferences. During the last hour of the party, we perform non-stop dance music in a seamless stream of that gets everyone moving.

What music do you provide for charity fundraisers?

Typically, we start with light background music during the cocktails, performed by a jazz trio or solo pianist. During the auction and fundraising speeches, we’re sometimes asked to play on and off the speakers as they take to the stage or return to their seats (Crispin’s experience music directing on TV comes in handy here). Of course, once we start playing serious dance music, the donations often start rolling in for an extraordinary ROI (return on investment). The more patrons enjoy themselves, the more likely they are to give and to give generously.

What music do you provide for corporate events?

Prior to a big meeting, we have often been asked to compose and sometimes record music for many of the multimedia presentations that are used during, say, a national sales conference. Later, at the actual event itself, we perform at on stage, providing live music to accompany new product announcements and awards presentations or to underscore skits and comic routines. Then after the formal presentations are over , the evening celebration, of course, begins, and we are often called on to provide the kind of music that draws just about everybody on to the dance floor.

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